Why Live Lobster Delivery Is a Wicked Good Idea

live lobster delivery

If you said that lobster was the most delectable food in the world, millions of people would not only agree with you, they might also start craving a taste of this, one-of-a-kind treat. Fortunately, live lobster delivery is easier than ever.

Unlike almost any other food, lobster can transport us to our favorite coastal Maine seafood spot. To the place where we last cracked open that bright red shell to get at that sweet, savory meat. Most often it’s a memory shared with family and friends — fellow lobster lovers.

You can almost picture it in your mind’s eye. A succulent, steaming Maine lobster on your plate. Melted butter at the ready. You can practically taste it. Maybe you’re wearing a bib, maybe not. Things are about to get messy, and that’s all part of the fun.

Such lobster flashbacks are not uncommon. In fact, most of us vividly remember the times and the places where we’ve enjoyed this legendary seafood delicacy with the unique New England mystique.

But hey, no need to limit your fresh lobster experience to mouth-watering daydreams. The reality today is that you can effortlessly order live lobster delivery – right to your doorstep, or a dear friend’s doorstep, or a business associate’s doorstep, or your mom’s doorstep…you get the picture! You can choose pretty much any doorstep within the continental United States. Need to arrange a memorable birthday surprise for someone special? Hauling in a batch of mail-order lobster has never been easier.

Now you can have it wherever and whenever you want it. Be our guest.

The lobster experts at Weathervane Seafood Restaurants (founded in Kittery, Maine, back in 1969 by Ray and Bea Gagner) take special care to pack and ship your order, eager to make your “fresh Maine lobster anytime, anyplace” experience just as perfect as you could imagine.

We leave the hard work to the fishermen, making it easy to order – online or by phone – from our menu of live lobsters, fresh cooked tails, fresh cooked lobster meat and even gift cards and e-certificates.

And don’t forget, in addition to being one of the most delicious foods on earth, lobsters are also wicked nutritional (take note: In Maine, the word “wicked” generally means “very” or “extremely,” with the term “wicked good” meaning “excellent” or “awesome”).

In fact, fresh Maine lobster is arguably the leanest, tastiest protein around (28 grams per one cup serving). It’s also high in vitamins and omega-3s; low in fat, carbs and calories.

But of course that’s not the main reason we love Maine lobster. A big part of the appeal is their story. Odd-looking clawed creatures hauled from the ocean floor by rugged fisherman with tall rubber boots, strong hands and thick accents; rising before the sun to work the sea as generations have before them.

Lobsters are such a universally loved culinary sensation that it’s hard to imagine they were once considered a poor man’s food or that they were fed to livestock and prison inmates.

All in all, it’s easy to fathom why people not only enjoy dining on lobster during summertime visits to Maine, but also love to get fresh Maine lobsters shipped for all kinds of special occasions and celebrations. Once your live Maine lobsters arrive, we’ve got tips on the art of how to cook them. And chances are you’re more of a crustacean connoisseur than a lobster newbie, but first-timers may wish to consult our colorful six-step strategy for making the most of the fresh Maine lobster eating experience.

Contact us today to discover just how easy it is to order fresh live lobster, that classic taste of Maine, from your friends at Weathervane.

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